Auto Dealership Secrets

Trust us, these are secrets you need to be aware of to protect yourself!

They manufacturer the car, why do they only give you 3 years of coverage?
1. They conduct testing to insure the parts will only last a little beyond 3 years.
2. They make 76% of their revenue in the service department NOT in sales.

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Why don't they encourage you to get a extended warranty?
1. They actually lose money by selling the Ford, GM, Chrysler because they don't pay retail shop rates or part cost…they pay a discounted rate to that dealer.
2. If you have extended coverage then you won't be inclined to trade it in early.

Are these new advertised power train warranties for real?
No. This bogus power train warranty some dealers are offering is very, very limited to cover ONLY the parts of engine and transmission that have been proven Not to be problematic. Not to mention you are more likely to have smaller or computer / electronic type repairs as opposed to a major one.

Why should I not extend auto coverage at my dealership?
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Why are vehicles now-a-days being built with more and more computers?
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Where does the majority of profit come from in sales?
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