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At Auto Warranty Wholesalers, our goal is to tailor make a warranty to fill your specific needs. There is no need to look any further with our one-stop comparative shopping. We do exhaustive research of hundreds of warranty plans from the top-rated Insurance providers and have selected the best coverage plans. With the use of our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology our warranty specialists are able to compare many plans and provide you an instant quote in a matter of seconds.

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Auto Warranty Wholesalers is the only warranty company that researches hundreds of warranty plans from the Top-Rated Insurance providers to select Best Plans to meet your needs and budget. This means you get the Best Coverage at the Best Price!

  • Multiple Providers. Allows you to Shop once for Best Price & Coverage
  • Select Products that are Insured & Reinsured by "A" Rated AM Best Insurance Co.
  • Coverage is Available on New & Used vehicles
  • 0% Interest Payments on Selected Plans
  • Claims are paid Quickly to the Repair Facility
  • All warranties can be Transferred easily to a new owner


"It was my worst nightmare: I'm stuck on the side of the highway in a stalled car and a screaming child in the backseat. I just moved here, so I didn't have family or friends to call for help. It's a good thing I bought an Auto Warranty Wholesalers policy before I moved. I called the number on my little blue card and a guy pulled up in a tow truck to take me to the local Ford dealership. When we got there I was surprised to find out that I could get a free rental car……which was great because I still had to get my daughter to daycare and I had to get to work. The next day, I picked my car up and all I had to pay was my $100 deductible. I saved over $900 with my warranty."
- Sue from Chicago

"I bought my Jeep used and bought the extended warranty through Auto Warranty Wholesalers. I've already been to the dealer two times and the warranty has paid for itself with four years left of coverage."
- Scott from Florida

"I have kids, so I run all day long. I bought a Warranty Wholesalers warranty on my 2000 van with 85,000 miles on it. Good thing I bought the coverage because my van went into the shop for major repairs. I was able to get a rental, get the kids to their sporting events, and get my van fixed with just paying my deductible. P.O.M is priceless!!!!!"
- Liz from Seattle

"My family and I were on a weekend getaway when we stopped to get gas and the car wouldn't start. After trying everything, my wife reminded me of our warranty that we purchased a few years back through Auto Warranty Wholesalers. Not only were we able to get towed to the closest repair facility, but we were back on the road in no time to finish off the rest of our trip to Connecticut."
- Frankie from Brooklyn

"The last time I needed a repair I ended up paying nearly $2000 out of my own pocket because I didn't have a warranty. Money is tight and there are just some things that I simply cannot afford. I signed up with Warranty Wholesalers and got the Gold Plan. They take great care of me with their 24 hour Roadside Assistance and Free Rental! No more $2000 bills for me thanks to Warranty Wholesalers!"
- Rhea (AKA Jackie) from Maryland

"I'm a senior citizen and on a fixed income. I can't afford an unexpected expense, especially when everything goes up except my income. Purchasing the warranty from Auto Warranty Wholesalers gives me the peace of mind and the ability to control my budget more efficiently."
- Fred from Arkansas